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Why is social separation vital right now?

We understand there are a lot of concerns, stress and possibly anxiety with the sudden changes to our busy American culture. Schools and colleges are closing for the next few weeks and social activities, concerts, and sports games have all come to a halt. The loss of time from work is causing financial strains. The purpose of this is to physically stop the transmission of COVID-19.
—Limiting the amount of people that gather in one place can decrease the unknown exposure if someone was in direct contact with a COVID-19 carrier. Slowing the number of patients infected can buy the health care system TIME to manufacture massive amounts of testing kits, treat patients and turn over critical care beds and respiratory ventilators, discharge patients from hospital beds, manufacture and obtain necessary protective medical equipment, manufacture more IV fluid bags and other supportive medications, etc. Time for health care workers to complete self-isolation if having cared for a COVID-19 patient or time to recover from illness if they were personally infected. Delay can give researchers time to develop medications and vaccines.
—One might think this isn’t a big deal, but the number of cases is multiplying rapidly. On March 11, there were 25 diagnosed cases in Illinois. Five days later there were 105. The projections if we don’t socially distance are exponentially of concern. Watching what has occurred in Europe with countries that have enforced this practice versus those that have not, it has made a significant difference in slowing the spread of the virus and getting the patients that need higher levels of care more access. If there were to be a sudden surge of critically ill patients all at once, it could overwhelm our health care system. Health care providers continue to manage patients with acute injuries and other illness, manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, treat patients for heart attacks or cancers all while this virus also is evolving. Your TIME is what is needed to stop this virus.
—Sandi Motisi APRN, March 16, 2020