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Office Policies 

  1. No walk-in appointments. You are putting others at risk. Please call us 224-424-4624. If we do not answer, leave a message with your name and number. We will call you back. If you are in severe respiratory distress, call 911.
  2. For scheduled sick appointments, please call when you arrive and wait in the parking lot
  3. Please limit appointments to the person being seen only, unless a child who needs a guardian/parent present or if patient needs an aide. Only 1 parent/guardian/aide will be allowed in the office with the patient. We need to continue to limit exposure to as few people as possible. 
  4. If scheduled inside the building, please be concise with your concerns. Sometimes multiple concerns need multiple office visit; we might recommend a separate visit for a concern. We want to make sure that we are thoroughly evaluating your concern as well as needing to limit the amount of time of direct exposure of us to you and vice versa. Our exam rooms are small. Every once in a while, a patient will notify us that they tested positive for COVID 19 2-3 days after we saw them. We then need to review the schedule and the potential risk of exposure to that provider. If we are following distancing, PPE guidelines and the length of direct time with the patient, this greatly decreases our risks and risks for others.


Additional Inside Office and Telehealth Appointment polices are as follows:

Inside of the Office Appointments: We continue to see patients in person for multiple concerns.  

  • We are performing annual physicals, school and sports physicals, well child visits, and other preventative care needs. We are performing routine immunizations. Our office is continuing to see our patients for chronic disease management such as diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, etc.  
  • We are also seeing some acute care related concerns inside the office such orthopedic ailments, back pain, bladder infections, skin rashes, migraines, cholesterol and some abdominal concerns. 
  • We continue to screen to ensure that your concern is appropriate to be seen indoors and will not potentially put other patients and our staff at risk for exposure to a communicable disease including COVID 19.  
  • We continue to require that masks be worn properly over the nose and mouth. Masks are still needed regardless if you have had COVID 19 or have been vaccinated. 
  • We maintain all social distancing guidelines; we may ask for you to wait in your car if you arrive early for your appointment. 

If your appointment is scheduled for INSIDE the office, please be well when you are seen. We cannot see patients with concerns of “by the way, the last week I had a bad cough and I want you to check me while I’m here,” “I had a fever two days ago,” “I woke up with a sore throat, since I already had this appointment…,” “I was just tested for COVID 19 and it was negative,” or “my son that lives with me has a bad cold or has COVID 19.” If you have had any direct exposure to COVID 19, any symptoms that could be related to COVID 19, or any recent travel please reschedule your in-office appointment for 2 weeks later. 

We have other patients and our own staff to keep healthy.  Please do not be offended if the office asks you the various screening questions when you make any appointment. 


Outside of Building Appointments:  

  • Telehealth Visits: We are continuing to offer telehealth visits for follow up on conditions that may not need an in person visit. We also may offer a telehealth visit if appropriate for someone who may not be able to travel to the office. Please do not get upset though if after discussion the provider feels it is best to bring you to the office or go to urgent care for additional evaluation of your health condition.  
    • We use doxy.me for secure HIPPA compliant transmission of the audio/visual encounter.
    • We do need to follow state licensing laws for telehealth. These laws are constantly changing throughout the pandemic. We may need to refer you to an acute care center in your area if you are out of state at the time of the appointment.


We are NOT a COVID 19 testing site. Patients cannot come to us for a drive-up test; we do not offer this.

  • Testing for COVID 19 is only completed as part of an office visit after the provider has deemed it medically necessary to test based on the events of the encounter.  
  • We DO NOT test patients for curiosity, for plans to visit an at-risk relative, for travel, or other non-medically necessary reasons. We do not have the staffing capabilities that this additional testing would require. 
  • We cannot guarantee when the send-out lab results will be available; we cannot expedite the results from the lab.   
  • Finally, if you mention that you are having any type of symptoms to obtain a test then your records will reflect that you were symptomatic of COVID 19- this could affect any travel plans.  
  • Testing for direct COVID 19 exposure is to the discretion of the provider and scheduling availability.  
  • We have limited number “sick tent” visits per day. During times of high volume, you may be advised to go to an IDPH or another testing center.  
  • If our office provides the orders for the COVID 19 test, there will be a telehealth office visit charge with this. We need to screen and advise if exposure meets criteria for concern, if testing is needed, when is the proper time to go for testing, and additional follow-up regarding providing the results of the test. All of this requires clinical advice, decision-making and time for this service. 
  • Any additional follow up care regarding a positive test may result in additional telehealth or “Sick Tent” visit charges. 


Websites we recommend for information regarding COVID 19:


Same day and future appointments: 

Please call 224-424-4624 to speak with our office staff and schedule an appointment. Same day  sick and well appointments are available for your immediate medical needs. 


North Suburban Family Physicians is open, but not accepting walk-in patients: 

Monday: 7 a.m.-5 p.m.

Tuesday: 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

Wednesday: 7 a.m.- 6 p.m.

Thursday: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m

Friday: 7 a.m.-4 p.m. 

1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month: 8 a.m.- 12 p.m. (*based on provider availability, please call to confirm*) 

We do not have office hours on Sunday. 


Telehealth/Doxy visits: 

We are aware that our office hours may not fit everyone’s desires or that there are times when you just can’t get away from your responsibilities at work or home. That is where our offering of telehealth fits in. When you just are not able to get in or can’t physically make it into the office, call us and we can offer a telehealth visit where we will discuss with you your symptoms over the phone, and evaluate and treat where appropriate. We are able to submit the charges for this visit to your insurance.  

  • We use doxy.me for secure HIPPA compliant transmission of the audio/visual encounter. 
  • We do need to follow state licensing laws for telehealth. These laws are constantly changing throughout the pandemic. We may need to refer you to an acute care center in your area if you are out of state at the time of the appointment. 
  • Provider Links: 

Dr. Thomas McGowan: http://doxy.me/nsfpmcgowan 

Scott Heelan PA: http://doxy.me/nsfpscott 

Sandi Motisi APRN: http://doxy.me/nsfpsandi 

Emily Horecny APRN: http://doxy.me/nsfpemily

This service is available only to existing patients who have been seen in person in the last 6 months. 



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